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Intersecting and clipping operations need at least 2 layers... I think you only have one layer and wish to save a subset in a new layer, am I right? If so, the process is: Select subset features Save selected features in a new layer To achieve (1), two possible ways: Select graphically the desired features manually on the map with one of the selection ...


Just use the Vector>Geoprocessing menu and interset that way: this is what you should see on QGIS, outputting a shape file to location. If that's not the format you require, you cna always convert back.


I just implemented this myself and posted my answer over on StackOverflow, but I figured I'd drop my version here for others to view: import numpy as np from scipy.spatial import ConvexHull def minimum_bounding_rectangle(points): """ Find the smallest bounding rectangle for a set of points. Returns a set of points representing the corners of ...

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