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In step 4, you have to change the CRS from NAD83 to another projection that uses metres as units. It depends on the extent of your data which one is best. Unfortunately, your data is located all over the world, so you could: Create a custom CRS using aeqd (or tmerc) for each one, and draw just that one buffer with it. Practically, you only have to create ...


How about this for an idea. Run your data through the near tool to create a table of distances. Sort this table by distance then identify the distance that is your 50% of points. This would be the buffer distance.


I believe that you are probably encountering the same problem that has been discussed in the old Esri Discussion Forums under the aptly named title of "True Curves, True Evil". I have a reproducible (but long) test case of this phenomena in a Python/ArcPy script that I used to convince a client that what we were seeing was explainable and could be worked ...


Firstly, you should do Feature To Point in order to create your centroids. Then, you obviously need to create your buffer. For the third step is to use Tabulate Intersection to know how much of each polygon is under your buffer. Finally, you summarize your table to get your synthetic value and you join the resulting table to your original polygons (or to ...

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