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Here's a script I put together. The script uses your point and your line feature class, and outputs a new line feature class of line features as desired. The basic steps: Iterate through points Create a buffer around each point Create East-West line from each point. This will be used to slice your buffer in half Create point north of each input point. This ...


Sounds very much like you want scale the polygon rather than buffer it. As it appears to be a one off I would suggest you try using the Scale tool. It's one of those tools that is not added to the tool bar by default so no one ever knows about it. Have a look at this page for guidance on using it.


You need to add a new rank_point attribute field to your data; either the buffers prior to doing a spatial join or intersect, or to the results of the spatial join/intersect. With the field added you'll then need to populate the values. If you have a single set of buffers, you can populate the values for each buffer manually. If you have multiple sets of ...

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