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It seems like you are looking for a couple of different resources. Now, I actually found an interesting administrative resource you may want to look into here. From what I can tell, it is tax roll data that lists information on businesses that include address, and census block group id, thus allowing it to fit into GIS models. Not only that, according to the ...


OpenStreetMap is your best bet. You can download the data using built-in tools in QGIS. See the step-by-step instructions at http://www.qgistutorials.com/en/docs/downloading_osm_data.html


Cloudmade do extracts from OpenStreetMap data suitable for loading into Satnavs or GIS packages. For example, the Florida data is here: http://download.cloudmade.com/americas/northern_america/united_states/florida#downloads_breadcrumbs if you download and unzip florida.poi.gpx.zip you'll see a florida_Eating_Drinking.gpx file which has coords and names of ...

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