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IQueryFilter is the best option for your problem.You can put your name value in the whereclause of the queryfilter and thereby you can get the desired feature. ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.IQueryFilter queryFilter = new ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.QueryFilterClass(); queryFilter.WhereClause = "NAME LIKE 'LIGHT_POLE'; ESRI.ArcGIS.Geodatabase.ICursor cursor = ...


The best option is to use a query to get back the corresponding feature: IQueryFilter queryFilter = new QueryFilterClass(); queryFilter.WhereClause = "NAME = '<featureName>'"; using (ComReleaser comReleaser = new ComReleaser()) { ICursor cursor = table.Search(queryFilter, true); comReleaser.ManageLifetime(cursor); IRow row = null; while ((row ...


Try using IEnumLayer interfase: IEnumLayer pEnumLayer; pEnumLayer = map.Layers; layer = pEnumLayer.Next(); while (layer != null) { flayer = (IFeatureLayer) layer;


IEnumLayer will build an index for you when you initialize it. It indexes all layers in the order that they appear in the TOC (the top layer will be index 0, the next down will be 1, etc). You can use this index as your key as it will always be unique to the layer. Here's the code to initialize and access in ArcGIS Desktop: ...


polyline.splitAtDistance doesn't actually split a polyline. All you have to do is cast your IFeature as IFeatureEdit and use the method IFeatureEdit.Split(). This will create two separate features.


I hit the same error message and even though my code is python (using GDAL python bindings) the behaviour is exactly the same, "Cannot Find GPTS Object" is thrown on an attempt to open the file and there is no obvious way to silence it or get around it. It looks like the error is thrown, because gdal makes an assumption about the PDF format that is not true ...


It is very unlikely that the in memory workspace is implemented in similar fashion to an on-disk one. Instead of having a persistent storage with IWorkspace, IFeatureClass etc mapped to on-disk structures IName.Open creating new ArcObjects that map to them, they will just be implementations in memory. IName.Open could just return a reference to the existing ...

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