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I suspect the error is related to how you set your input features. Have a look at How to use multiple inputs, it gives examples in c# and vb.


You can't add you own message to this dialog but you can create an event listener to watch for the start editing event to fire. When this event occurs you can then run some code and display your own message dialog. There are several ways to implement the event listener. One way would be to create a custom extension that tracks events when it is turned on. ...


Faced similar siutation and resolved using ScaleText option. ITextSymbol pTextSymbol = new TextSymbolClass(); pTextSymbol.Size = Convert.ToDouble(size); pTextSymbol.Font = pFontDisp; pTextSymbol.HorizontalAlignment = esriTextHorizontalAlignment.esriTHACenter; pTextSymbol.VerticalAlignment = esriTextVerticalAlignment.esriTVACenter; pTextElement.ScaleText = ...

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