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Most (if not all) Defense/Intelligence sector clients already have existing, enterprise-grade GIS toolsets. I propose that you evaluate the most common of these (ESRI is only one of four or five major vendors in the sector) with an eye to 'extending' their capabilities with your specialized development efforts. You do not have to invest heavily in ...


For OpenSource GIS tech investigate the offereings available via OsGeo. This is not the only source of FOSS4G but is a comprehensive stable of solutions that work well together and, in some cases, are the test bed for certain GIS standards. QGIS is an excellent solution for your needs as it has both desktop and server solutions but also comes bundled with ...


Using scipy and numpy: import numpy as np from scipy.spatial import Delaunay #do triangulation points = np.random.rand(4, 3) tri = Delaunay(points) #indices tri.simplices #points tri.points See the documentation here.

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