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In your createPointLayer you're creating a pointer on the heap and dynamic memory will be allocated. Then you remove only the references of this layer-object in map, registry and canvas. But I think you have to free the allocated memory with the delete command or better call the destructor of QgsVectorLayer::~QgsVectorLayer()


Found the solution after I explored the documentation a bit more. Unfortunately, the cookbook part was more about how to use spatial queries instead of how to create software using the spatialite library, with an incomplete description on how to create the metatables. The missing piece is ...


libpq allows us to connect to Postgres/postgis for read write operations. If you have installed Postgres,libpq is already available.It would be available at installation path like C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.5\include . //To make use in C/C++, you include these header files #include "libpq/libpq-fs.h" #include "libpq-fe.h" #include <stdlib.h> ...

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