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We work regularly with tiled layers in our applications and I usually store tiles directly on a dedicated disk which I host as a virtual directory. You can see the tile directory here: http://argeomatica2012.cloudapp.net/SOLIDARIDAD_ortho/ I then add the tiles directly as a XYZ layer to my OpenLayers map like so: layerXYZ = new OpenLayers.Layer.XYZ("XYZ ...


This probably has nothing to do with Leaflet — it requests tile images the same way as other JS libraries, and caching is fully handled by the browser. Check your browser/devtools settings.


The problem in this case was rather stupid:) The cache mentioned above was residing in a folder, that was located in another folder, that was located in another folder. So despite the fact that I registered the main folder as a cache folder for the server, it couldn't read inside all these folders. So we created a new folder, named it exactly as the map ...

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