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I added aerial imagery from GIS server and created fishnet over the area of interest: I use fishnet as index layer for my data driven pages, making sure the sorting order coincides with record order in fishnet table. I applied script (see below) to travel through pages, export them to temp raster, clip it to PNG raster named after page name. Result shows ...


I think you can make this raster dataset to export it into other formats like image formats (.tif,.png,.sid) and then, you can add all these images into mosaic dataset and run "manage tile cache" to use as like base map or backfill layer.


By default shp2pgsql does NOT create indexes. You need to pass -I to make it generate a spatial index. Check if your table has an index by running \d tablename in psql. In the list of indexes should be a line with "gist" (unless you picked a different index) and your geometry column name. You can add ...


Since also Kosmtik exhibits this behaviour when there have been changes to SVG or PNG files this is rather related to Mapnik than to TileMill. I'm not aware of an option to turn this off. The only solution would be to restart TileMill. Additionally, you could also try to clear the cache folder of TileMill as suggested here.

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