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Just to clear up: GEOS works only on the Cartesian plane. The best practice to implement geometric operations on either a sphere or ellipsoid of revolution (spheroid) is to project to a Cartesian projection, perform operations in Cartesian space, then transform the results back to a geographic projection. If the data are in a small region, use a UTM zone. ...


Possible error of your geometric operation depends on: overall size of the objects - bigger size increase errors, projection that you use, datum that you use (each datum suits some parts of the Earth more than the others) quality of your data. Generally you don't want to work with unprojected data at all unless there is some specific reasons like ...


Map projections inevitably introduce distortions either in distance or in area, direction etc. For projections designed for a relatively small geographical area, such as a State Plane coordinate system, certain types of distortion are often negligible/tolerable. An appropriate projection should be chosen carefully for each type of measurement, especially ...


I was able to find a solution to this... Quite simple actually.... It involved rearranging my mess of preconditions as seen in the picture. I think the model was trying to run the create folder section prior to the actual iteration.

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