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For the most part, CAD doesn't deal in polygons the same way that GIS software does. You have a couple options. Develop a workflow that converts your CAD drawings into a GIS format and then merges the lines into polygons based on a common attribute or vertices. The Feature to Polygon tool in ArcGIS is commonly used in this process. For example, if the ...


First, the tool has been designed to work in 'no editing mode'. Second, the 'snapping properties' are automatically related to selected and existing features. You don't need to select them in snapping properties of QGIS. Third, if you have created new features (Cad Layer Points o Cad Layer Lines) you should select them for automatically work with the 'new ...


I think the repository you are looking for is https://github.com/olivierdalang/CadInput. Plugins-Manage and install plugins and you can give the repository there in order to install and use this plugin.

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