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You can load this into QGIS okay - it has 3 point features and 12 line features. The coordinate system is undefined, so exactly where on the planet the features live can't be determined. The bounding box of the coordinates is xMin,yMin 325880.38,6409376.11 : xMax,yMax 651934.19,12818724.96 - which isn't lat-long. The ogrinfo command will tell you most of ...


This is normal behaviour for a Join - ALL fields are returned from both the feature class and the joined table. You can now export that joined dataset to a new feature class In ArcMap from the Right-Click context menu: Or using the ArcToolbox tool Feature Class to Feature Class. With this new feature class created, you can now use the Delete Field tool ...


You do not need a projection if your coordinates are arbitrary. If you are going to use a basemap to pick a corner of the building provided by Arcmap then you are stuck with WGS84. Autocad offers free trial and complete student edition if you are a student. There are many open source drafting programs to choose from but your question does not state an OS ...


If you haven't draw it yet...maybe create a map from this site . This is free but if you want more than just free then there's a payment... What you can do is just draw a polygon and then save the map. Then after that you can send it to kml to bring it up Google Earth Pro .. Then send kml to ArcMap.

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