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This wont really be an answer, but its the only way I can add a picture. I have data from TeleAtlas/Esi. I cant talk to its accuracy, but I believe its data 2009 (and not sure how it was created). Downloading and overlaying the StatsCan data (which they say is used from CP with permission) you can see the obvious differences. TeleAtlas/Esri show T5E/T0A in ...


The forward sortation area (FSA) is only the first 3 characters in the six character Canadian postal code. You need to include the local delivery unit if you want unique values. From here:


I think you're right, Mapperz, about PSTLSTATE, PSTZIP5, and PSTZIP4 being there to create an address locator. I'll just add that I did some research and believe that INTSTATE is the country code, for example Canada is CA. I think the reason it's 5 characters in length is that you can get extensions like US-VI for the US Virgin Islands. Apparently it's the ...


I believe the only reason for fields in US format is for the Address Locator Style in ArcGIS for Creating an Address Locator (for Geocoding) (without designing your own Canadian Address Locator)

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