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Update: I got in contact with GeoBC and they did have the NTv2 file I was looking for. Thank you!


You can download a Canada shapefile from DIVA-GIS and selecting the Administrative areas as the subject. You will receive 4 shapefiles of differing levels: Can_adm0 Can_adm1 Can_adm2 Can_adm3 (this is probably the one you want) When loaded into QGIS, you will see Canada broken up into different districts (or wards, zones, etc.). You can run a query to ...


They're well hidden! I found a directory with archives of shapefiles here. There's some documentation here. It looks like the polygons aren't updated regularly, but you can sign up to the mailing list to find out when they are, according to that document. If you download this archive (33MB), the forecast zones are in land_CLCBaseZone_detail_proj.shp. (The ...

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