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Have you found these yet? If not, I have shapefiles of all the zonas, sectores, sectores dispersas, manzanas, even the catastro/predios.


As I could see, you could crossreferene osm data with терсон names. For instance: Верхнеколымский улус from http://std.gmcrosstata.ru matches with http://atd.osm.rambler.ru/r1399830.html and there are OSM Relation/Way ids for nested territories. That's the id of Верхнеколымский улус http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1399830 (you could find it on list ...


@Akhil answered his/her own question but I wanted to post this clearly for posterity in case others find themselves combing through comments to figure this out like I did. TL/DR answer: SELECT tabblock_id AS Block, substring(tabblock_id from 1 for 11) AS Blockgroup, substring(tabblock_id from 1 for 9) AS Tract, substring(tabblock_id from 1 for ...


If you have access to ArcGIS, you could use Select By Location to select census tracts that are within the city council districts. You will need ArcGIS friendly files for this (ArcGIS is not super KML-friendly, though you can convert from KML with this tool). Census Tracts are available on the the U.S. Census website. City boundary files should not be ...

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