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The code for the 2010 Census Block contains information from higher level geographies. For instance, "060599800001002" the GEOID for some hotels/motels near Disneyland also contains information on the state (06 > California) the county (06 > 059 Orange County) the Census Tract (980000) and the Census Block Group within the tract (1). So, having information ...


If you work for an organization that pays for access to Social Explorer, that tends to be easier to pull from than FactFinder. Otherwise, in FactFinder, you have to add all tracts in each state one by one, but it should let you add all of them before downloading, keeping it all in one file. I tested it and it let me add at least 3 states.


Not sure which software you are using. This can be accomplished by getting the centroids of the Census Block Group polygons.


It appears that the geocode you have referenced is a Census Tract code. If that is the case you can not easily translate this to a postal code because a postal code, in general, will be much smaller than a Census Tract, as well as most other levels of Canadian Census geography in fact. Converting from Census to Postal geography is an extremely complex, and ...

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