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Are you using Erdas Imagine 2015? I had the same problem as you when I was trying to run an unsupervised classification. I went to another computer that had Erdas Imagine 2011 installed. I then ran an unsupervised classification with the same exact parameters on the same image. No error message and the classification went smoothly. It wouldn't surprise me ...


1) Build raster attribute table (if it doesn't already exist) 2) Create new field to store the area 3) Use field calculator to calculate the areas using the "count" field and the cell size of your raster: area = count * cellsize^2 This will be in square meters, assuming that your cell size is in meters. You can divide by 1,000,000 if you'd rather have ...


There are a couple steps involved as opposed to a single function. Use the Raster to Polygon conversion tool to convert your classified raster to vector format subset by class (select your land use as the second parameter in the Raster to Polygon tool). From there you can access the attribute table and use calculate geometry on the area field to derive ...


You can change the number of decimal places very easily by clicking on the Label header and choose Format Labels, then you can change the decimal place

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