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National Institute of Wind Enery (NIWE) formerly C-WET has the wind resource data for pan India http://niwe.res.in/


This isn't an online, data download link, but I know that the 'Center for Wind Energy technology' had released am 'Indian Wind Atlas' in 2010, which is the most comprehensive (IMHO) report on this issue. Most of the Google hits that you see for this term, are actually using data and maps from this report. You might be able to access this Atlas from some ...


Oddly enough, I had a chat last night with a fellow from the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) here in Denver. He said they are doing work in India on wind / renewables but the Indian Gov't will not release the data they need for their work! Just thought I'd share that since I saw this post and had this discussion last night...


The available free gridded global data mostly relates to near-surface wind speed and direction over global oceans. Free global land surface wind speed datasets are few. None that I know come in GIS format, as each cell has two data values, one for speed and one for vector - but more digging might provide disaggregation and the possibility of mapping at ...


You could check out the sources quoted for this great weather visualisation at http://earth.nullschool.net/

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