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You need PostGIS 2.3 which has not yet been released. Check SELECT postgis_full_version(); If it says less than 2.3, you are out of luck.


The rioja package provides functionality for constrained hierarchical clustering. For what your are thinking of as "spatially constrained" your would specify your cuts based on distance whereas for "regionalization" you could use k nearest neighbors. I would highly recommend projecting your data so it is in a distance based coordinate system. require(sp) ...


Have a look at mclust package for model based clustering. It supports higher dimensions (more than 2). Here is an example: library(mclust) #unclustered plot(iris[,1:2]) mod1 = Mclust(iris[,1:2]) plot(mod1, what = "classification") 3 dimensional would be: mod1 = Mclust(iris[,1:3]) plot(mod1, what = "classification")

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