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Have you looked at http://clustermash.com, they have been able to cluster at least 8 million points of the GeoNames DB on one of their demos. They also show integration with MapQuest and their geocoding and direction API's.


Have to look at SaaS solutions, for example http://clustermash.com are able to cluster at least 8 million locations from the GeoNames DB on one of their demos?


if you mean iterate over all the individual points in an L.markerClusterGroup(), you can use something like this to access the individual layers markers.eachLayer(function(layer){ console.log(layer) }); If you want to get at the points/layers in an individual cluster, you can use getAllChildMarkers() markers.on('clusterclick', function (a) { ...


Both of the recommended methods above should be able to produce a hot spot map, but I'm not sure about your representation of the speed of the vehicle unless that's an attribute in the point shapefile.

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