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I think the Data defined properties button still exists but has been changed and split for each property. I'm using QGIS 2.12.3:


Could it be due to the typo in the line: <ogr:col>>#00248F</ogr:col>


I have not found any Leaflet plugin suitable for Question 2 (plugin with support of gpx color extension); so I had to stick with some solution to Question 1. I found that for my task it is best to use because it can show my traces + it can be embedded to my page. Although it does not have option to export / import the GPX with ...


In QGIS >= 2.14 you can use the symbol_color variable. Eg, set a data defined override for your label color to the expression @symbol_color


I don't think there is a universally accepted color scheme for NDVI visualization. You can pick whatever you prefer as long as it is not counterintuitive. For example, many papers use different shades of green to indicate different levels of NDVI values.

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