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ArcGIS Desktop already has a tool that does this. It's called Feature Compare. You can limit it to only compare the Geometries. You could use the output from this tool to further scrutinize the geometry. For example, if Feature Compare finds geometry differences for features with ObjectID 142 (in both feature classes), you could then pump those features ...


A quick and easy way to detect geometry changes is to compare Centroid locations. Feature to Point is a good tool to create Centroids from Lines or Polygons. If the closest Centroid in the compare layer is greater than .001 (whatever tolerance you choose) then the geometry changed.


If I understand your code right, you are using a JSON representation of your geometry to compare old and new geometry. If python can't match the string to your list of strings, it then adds a -1 to your change field. I think using a json representation, or WKT or string, to compare geometry for changes might get tricky. What if the change was a reordering ...

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