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The Dolphin file team? also believes that the file manager is detecting the wrong file type based on "magic numbers", see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=224&t=124038&p=325861#p325861 Again, thank you looking into this and hopefully it will provide an answer for others. pitney


With recent release by Google of Open Location Code, there was a good questioning about Geohash. Infortunately, I didn't see something about polygons Geohash. As you are looking for various implementations for Geohash like solutions, look at Google comparison of various algorithms and solutions at ...


I can reproduce TeX and TGA type displays, but not the text file, in Nautilus file manager on ubuntu 12.04 LTS: SRTM3 v2.1 downloads from USGS: S35E147.hgt.zip, S36E117.hgt.zip, N33E006.hgt.zip I think there is nothing wrong with the files themselves. It's probably the way Linux is detecting file types that goes wrong in some cases here. HGT (stands for ...


You might try the USGS SRTM FTP site. I can assure you that each of the tiles you list as examples are there in their proper .hgt format and there are no suspicious files in the associated zip file. And here is the tile S35E147, buffered with the surrounding eight tiles as well:


I would not normally jump in when a question has effectively been answered in the comments but it seems some confusion has crept in. If you want to export your raster as is but with compression there are lots of ways of doing it but Project->Save as Image is NOT one of them. This takes a georeferenced snapshot of the current data view, which can be ...

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