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Solved! I've e-mailed the developer (Dominique Lyszczarz), and sent him the SHP. Turned out it was a bug in the add on. He corrected it and now it's working fine! I've added some images to illustrate the import results. I've used a 1375 contour lines (features) SHP. But I'm still to push the limit! The SHP imported into Blender: TIN model out of the ...


Why convert the vacant lot's to an heatmap? It's easier than that: Create a buffer of 300m around each buildings (don't use the dissolve option); Use a Spatial Join to determine what lot points are within each building buffer; Use group stats plugin or dissolve, to count, sum, ... the lot point attributes by building.


I suggest different algorithm: Surround each building with 300m radius circle polygon. If your building is point - it's easy. Else - extract each building to a point at his centroid. Calculate how much vacant lots exist in each building 300m surrounding polygon. Again if the lot is polygon - Extract it to point at his centroid. [Usually GIS tools like ...

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