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What a great question! The problem is that contours are a cartographic lie. They're a convenient way of conveying information about the relief within a landscape. However they don't translate directly to the real-life experience of topography, except perhaps in the heavily modified and engineered landscapes of our urban environments. Topography in reality is ...


You can use the SAGA Contour lines from grid tool, and there set both the minimum and maximum to your elevation contour of choice Here's an example with an elevation of 500 meters


I think your best bet is to use r.contour.level from GRASS in the Processing toolbox. This allows you to provide a list of specific contours (a list of one in your case). In this way you should be able to specify the individual contour you are interested in. The Raster->Extraction->Contour tool requires you to specify just a contour interval which ...


You first need to interpolate your precipitation values to a continuous surface. Then you can use the contour tool to create your isohyete. For contour lines (where you want something visually attractive), the smoothness and the generalisation are important, so I recommend using a spline function for the interpolation. However, this is not necessarily the ...

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