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The coordinates are in MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) which is a projected coordinate system. Those coordinates give you an accuracy of 0.1 meters since there are 10 trailing digits. You can batch convert the coordinates in online websites like this The first 3 charcters are the "grid zone desiganation" : 38R the next two characters are the ...


Sorry for the long time to answer, I was on vacation. I am using the QGis 2.14 in portuguese, but i'll try to show you the steps with pics bellow. 1- click in save as 2- On the "save window" choose the option "inclui dimensao-z" in english is equal to "include Z data" i think.


This is giving you the lat/long for your geometry, but it looks like your data is in some sort of feet-based projection like state plane. If you're wanting to display the coordinates in a system that's readable by Google Maps, you'll need to transform the point. Not sure about the syntax for SDE in Oracle, but in PostGIS it's something similar to: ...


Here is the answer I got back from NOAA. It's in the form of java code, and the order of parameters has to be inferred, but in case it proves useful to someone else here it is: public static final HTDP NAD83 = new HTDP(0.9910, -1.9072, -0.5129, 0, 0, 0, 1.25033e-7, 0.46785e-7, 0.56529e-7, 0.00258e-7, -0.03599e-7, -0.00153e-7, 0, 0, 1997); public static ...

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