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dimension(): refers to the topological dimension (i.e. point/line/area) coordinateDimension(): returns the dimension of the tuple as given (as statet in the OP) spatialDimension(): returns the dimension of the tuple without the measurement part (with "M" being the measurement in a linear reference system) As it's pretty obvious for a 2D or "4D" literal, ...


Well, you are pretty skinny on details (eg, should this be automated, what class object do you need, do you need attributes associated with the point, ...). The most straight forward answer is for you to use SpatialPoints to create an sp class point with no attributes. If you need attributes look at SpatialPointsDataFrame. library(sp) library(raster) # ...


I'm not familiar with programming in JavaScript but in the OpenStreetMap Wiki there is a section describing "Mercator". Following this link you'll find a sample code snippet to tranform from lat long to mercator. I actually don't know if it's correct because I did not test the code.


You do not need to transform the points. The projection applies to the location, not to the attributes (which could be in knots, or ms-1, or nothing to do with any units, like the colour of the soil). The only potential case where this could be a problem is where the target CRS is rotated from the source CRS. Then you'd may need to project u and v into the ...


Of the three opinions expressed so far, yours, Benjamin, makes the most sense to me: X, Y and Z are spatial dimensions and M is some other coordinate/dimension. Disclaimer: I've never heard of those function names (coordinateDimension and spatialDimension) before so I'm no authority. And I'm not sure I could claim any bounty if ever I'm proved correct!


In your spreadsheet, you should first convert your coordinates into decimal degrees degree + minutes / 60 (+ second/3600, but you don't have seconds) from the text string(assuming excel recognize your dot as a decimal separator), it would be =LEFT(A1;SEARCH("°";A1)-1)+ RIGHT(A1;LEN(A1)-SEARCH("°";A1))/60 Because you are South and East, you also need ...


Up to now, the EPSG database has no CRS for Cyprus. There is an open ticket for it since November 2014 EPSG::2014.091. The code you mention is from ESRI, and according to http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcims/10.0/mainhelp/mergedProjects/ArcXMLGuide/elements/pcs.htm#102319 the values are: PROJCS["CGRS_1993_LTM", GEOGCS["GCS_CGRS_1993", ...

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