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One thing that should be mentioned, is that the Least-Cost-Path is computed as, literally, the least cost path, and not as th Shortest Path. Also cited from ArcHelp for Cost Distance Analysis: The cost distance tools are similar to Euclidean tools, but instead of calculating the actual distance from one location to another, the cost distance tools ...


I came up with the table for Tobler values posted on MapAspects in 2009 (in ArcGIS version 9.3) and after a few hours struggling with Path Distance in Arcmap 10.3 my conclusion is it's broken in the current version. Even their example table on the Esri help file produces the same transformation as a bunch of 0 values. I've tried various values and while ...


There are number of tools from GRASS and SAGA which allows for cost analysis which you can access from the Processing Toolbox:


If you want to compare vector-paths the "Road Graph Plugin" is working fine. If this is interessting for you dont forget to use the "Topology Checker" before analysing the data.

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