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I would do a spatial join between your point data and US Counties. If you do not have US Counties, you can download the 2014 Counties here. Then, add both layers into your map. Click Vector -> Data Management Tools -> Join attributes by location Set the target vector layer to your points. Set the join vector layer to your counties. Choose to ...


From the US Census: TIGER County Shapefile From this file you could Spatially Join your 9-Digit ZIP code file to the county file, and get the resultant State and county FIPs codes. If you are wanting to match your 9-Digit codes to ZIP codes, then use TIGER ZCTA5 Shapefile with the same workflow as above, but now your resultant join will containt ZIP codes ...


I believe you're talking about the FIPS state codes? You can obtain publicly available data from somewhere like Tiger Line that have the codes (most of these datasets do) and perform a spatial join of your zip codes. Here is a source with one for the whole world, sub-divided: http://www.gadm.org/home

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