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specifically for the d3js pie charts, data( [ data.rows ] ) might solve your problem


It really does depend on what you want the use to do with the web application. I asked a similar question here - Create interactive map with no server 1) If you want to just visually show the data then you could either load the data into a database (postgis, oracle etc) and put a geographic server (geoserver, mapserver, arcgis server) in front of that and ...


It's obvious here that you can't expect to get 200 MB from a server to a client in a reasonable amount of time. Your only options are to drastically simplify it (probably will resulting unusable information) or tiling it (either vector or raster tiling should work). What you do depends on what you know and what you want to achieve. Here's what I suggest, ...


After you have done the request you already have the data so you don't need to use d3.json, just feed the data to a selection and work with that. On d3 you can bind data to a selection (usually data is a javascript array, in this case could be data.rows), and then use that data to create your pie graph as in this example. So something like: var piechart ...

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