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I know this was from a couple months ago, but I just did this. Here is my code, hopefully it will help others figure this out. import arcpy import os for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in os.walk(u'R:\Projects\ERI\MXDs\DataDriven'): #Walks through folder containing many different Data Driven MXDs for filename in filenames: print filename ...


I was able to use the Create Declination Diagram tool with the Production Mapping Extension. However, Chris W in the comments above was correct to state that it is now a part of the ddp index and is uniform with each page. I'm not entirely sure what he is explaining in the comment of ...


One option to look into if the polygons you have fall in a relatively linear fashion, you could consider using the Strip Map Index Features (Cartography) geoprocessing tool:


Whenever I have to export many data driven pages, I use a Python script to do all the heavy lifting in the background without having to babysit - and I think it's faster, it feels faster. More or less like the documentation here: import arcpy import re from arcpy import env import os.path env.workspace = "q:\\yourfolder" sCur = ...

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