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Following on Phloem's comment about using arguments in the printPages() method, and echoing Emil's answer as well: My gut reaction says we need to select the desired active page by setting the currentPageID property in the mxd.dataDrivenPages object, and then run the mxd.dataDrivenPages.printPages() method to send the active page to the printer. I'm ...


Here's a snippet of code that might work for you. the variable 'pageName' is the name of the page to be printed. pageName = "page1" mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument (r"M:\CCAO_GIS_Projects\Library_Districts\MXD\Lib_Test_new.mxd") pageIndex = mxd.DataDrivenPages.getPageIDFromName (pageName) mxd.DataDrivenPages.printPages ("HP Color LaserJet 2600n (Copy 1)", ...


In ArcMap 10.2 and above, you can use Data Driven Pages so that your attribute information (such as the demographic text listed above) changes when the page changes. You can display any attribute in your attribute table as dynamic text in the map. If the attributes you want to display are not in your feature class, consider doing a join from a table with ...


Use the data driven pages tool in ArcGIS. You can point the tool at your shape file and it will automatically generate a new page for each of your parcels. It is then possible to export each of these as separate PDF or as a single PDF from the normal export map dialog.

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