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There is only one way to efficiently do this that I know of. Load the replica database fields into a dictionary using a searchcursor with the GlobalID as the dictionary key, then loop through a searchcursor on the origin database and attempt to retrieve the GlobalID dictionary key that matches each record. Set up four counters: count, added, deleted, and ...


Export Data Change Message GP tool could be used which creates a delta file with changes to synchronize (number of records could be obtained from the result).


Create a field with the order they are supposed to be in, then input that field into the "sort field" option.


One possible reason for your error could be the fact that your edit is not saved when you compute the full length. Otherwise you should have the new length and the new "end" from your script. If this is not the case and you want to get rid of your extra vertices (because your script is based on a count of the vertices, for instance), you can use simplify ...

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