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There are a couple of solutions open to you, which spring to mind. The simplest is to use ET-GeoTools and select the 'Split in all Vertices' tool. Another option would be to script a process to iterate over the vertices of each line and assemble a new feature class from the bits.


I figured out that I need to just add the send email code to the python script. I was able to find this help document that pretty much laid out the process for me. I made some minor adjustments and came up with: import smtplib, time, arcpy, arceditor #block new connections to the database. arcpy.AcceptConnections('Database Connections/MyConnection.sde', ...


I've put together some code below which seems to create single segment lines from polyline (which can be multipart) feature classes while retaining their attributes. I recommend that you run it against a small test dataset or two first, and if it seems to do what you want, then comment out or remove the print statements to gain some performance. If you add ...


Create a field with the order they are supposed to be in, then input that field into the "sort field" option.


One possible reason for your error could be the fact that your edit is not saved when you compute the full length. Otherwise you should have the new length and the new "end" from your script. If this is not the case and you want to get rid of your extra vertices (because your script is based on a count of the vertices, for instance), you can use simplify ...

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