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I would suggest you create a series of models using iterators. You can create a model for each type and nest the models as sub models in order to include all of them into a single model. You would have to do this because a model can have only one iterator. So each model will iterate through the data object then deltete. Use preconditions to control the flow. ...


Copy Features handles the conversion of file formats (shp into sde-fc like in your example) simply by what workspace has been defined in the output path.


First you should verify the source of the table - this will make sure it's not somewhere that you don't expect or intend. Do this by opening the properties window for the table and going to the 'Source' tab. Make sure that the table ended up in the place you're looking. If you can verify the source but still can't see it in the database - try refreshing ...


You are calling your function with text values " " instead of field names ! !, therefore it returns true to the first condition. just try this : codeblock = """def mthree(mthre, mtwo): if mthre >= 1: return -3 if mtwo >= 2: return -5 else: return None """ ...

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