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Basically it means the differences between the two datums are not significant enough to be a difference in Nautical Navigation. Distance and Direction are so close as to be almost identical as far as Nautical Navigation is concerened


An "ellipsoid" is a mathematical approximation of the shape of the Earth. Many different ellipsoids exist, but the two most widely used today are the GRS80 and the WGS84, which attempt to provide a best-fit across the globe. Heights were traditionally referenced to MSL, but with satellite and other technologies, we can often do better in terms of accuracy. ...


An ellispoid is a mathematical model of the earth that approximates its three dimensional shape. See this definition. Elevation on top of the ellipsoid is 0, but since it's just an approximation one can be above or below the ellipsoid at any given point. "Elevation above the surface of the ellipsoid" is the distance between the measurement and the 0 value of ...


The elevation above the ellipsoid (ellipsoidal height) is the elevation above a mathematical model that approximates the shape of the earth. The current most common one is WGS84. These are the elevations that you'd get from a GPS. Orthometric heights are measured above the geoid or equipotential surface, that is, the surface of equal gravity. MSL is "mean ...

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