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The shapefile you provided seems to be valid, and the projection in the prj files states (if im not mistaken) that your coordinates of each vertex are tied to WGS84 (EPSG:4326) Using ogr2ogr PGDump driver you can translate your shapefile to a sql querry that can be used to insert data into the database: If you are in Windows you can open the console with ...


I took a closer look and actually the data wasn't truncated. It's just that some values are bigger (1477701) and others are smaller (203071). I thought I had a truncation issue when I saw the smaller values in the first page of the DBF and the large values from a segment of the attribute table of the shapefile they are supposed to match. On a different note ...


First of all I would agree with @Vince's comment, avoid using shapefiles. But if you still want to rename fields then if you are using 10.2.2 you can call the geo-processing tool Alter Field using the IGeoProcessor interface. Your source data must be in a geodatabase which it must be if you are wanting to shorten them.


You should be able to use either the Copy Rows tool or the Table to Table tool to get the job done. Just make sure to give your out_table/out_name parameter ends with '.csv' and you should have no trouble. EDIT: Due to another inexplicable Esri oversight, these tools do in fact force you to save as DBF if you're saving outside of a geodatabase. I maintain ...

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