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With your experience with ArcGIS, the transition to QGIS should be quite rapid, and the ability to relate operations to a client will be very straightforward. Programming, or scripting in QGIS or ArcGIS just takes practice, and an understanding of the object models. I am a big fan of the books by Anita Graser, Joel Lawhead, and Eric Westra. They have all ...


I needed to review QGIS for its potential on a project. I found the few books available to be quite useful for getting started on the software. As with any book it will fall behind the software updates, but the core doesn't change that much. I was more interested in PyQGIS (e.g. QGIS Python Programming Cookbook), but there are also some for the software ...


I started with this recently. It might be outdated slightly in terms of the version it was wrote around but it explains all the basics in a simple yet comprehensive manner. It will allow you to start producing maps immediately. Link - QGIS Training Manuel


2.14 was initially released as a normal release and will be released as LTR when 2.16 (End of June 2016) is released. This was introduced as a cool down period. This helps to identify and fix bugs (which inevitably are introduced throughout a development cycle) before releasing a version as "LTR - ready to be deployed to your critical production ...

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