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The first step is ensure which data have the proper information, for this matter I would try to get the coordinates from other resources (google maps, OSM, geographic services in your country),if you can identify a geodesic vertex will much better. When you compare with your data you can identify the wrong information. In case of your DGN file have the ...


As mentioned in the comment, a possible problem is the precision of your dataset, which could eplain that the data do not align. However, 20 m seems to be quite large especially in Kentucky where I would expect bing map to be at least below 5 m. The more likely issue is the absence of transformation between WGS 84 and NAD83 when you use "on the fly" ...


DGNLib is a small C/C++ library.


First use global mapper and save as a shape file than u will open in qgis with all vector information like In Ms. Save dgn then Open.in global mapper After that in global mapper export in vector file And then save as shape file now u can open in qgis with all info.like as a road building etc. For more info mail Akashsinha41@Gmail.com

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