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You might like to have a look at this document, which shows an example of using the Polygonizer to make a geological map. http://confound.me.uk/maps/ppv4.pdf‎ After some recent problems, in my version of QGIS (2.3.0-Master, from Ubuntugis) the Polygonizer is now working again. Search for 'Polygonize' in the Processing Toolbox. N.


@Mapperz suggested I configure my tablet not to response to double click. I tried doing this but the features were non-responsive. It seems that the Pen and Touch and default windows tablet features and services are taking over some of the Wacom Intuos functionality. After I turned of the Table PC Input Services and then Tablet PC Component Features and ...


You can snap a line to itself, but only after saving. My workaround is to digitize the line, but set the last point a bit offset to the first point, then save, and then move the last point to the first. As a consequnce, I start digitizing a new closed line with a point that is already created by another adjacent polygon if possible.

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