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One method is to use a virtual field which would automatically number your points using the $id expression (or whatever expression you prefer): Note that you will need to save a project file for this as virtual fields are saved in the .qgs file and not in the shapefile itself (but you can re-save the shapefile as a new one using the Save As... option ...


I think you talk about the id of shapefiles, if so you can go to layer properties (doubleclick the layer) then go to fields and set the item that is called 'Bearbeitungselement' in german to UUID-Generator (id field type must be text) as shown in the screenshot below ( When digitizing your ...


You have to georeference the raster first. Its not just about a CRS, but the extent of the raster (in CRS units) too. You make yourselve double work if you digitize data from the raster, and then try to adjust that to reference maps like bing. There are a few tools to georeference vector data, but you will not have the convenient "pick from canvas" tool.

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