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No. You need a Mapbox Commercial Satellite licence. https://www.mapbox.com/tos/#[YmtIyw] You may trace Mapbox-hosted imagery in order to produce derivative vector datasets for non-commercial purposes, and for OpenStreetMap. If you wish to produce derivative vector datasets from imagery for commercial purposes, you must buy a Mapbox Commercial Satellite ...


Also check out this GEM User guide: Geospatial tools for building footprint and homogeneous zone extraction from imagery. It provides an in-depth step by step look at how to extract building footprints using both ArcGIS DEsktop and QGIS with plugins Built-­up RECognition tool (BREC) and GRASS.


for QGIS version 2.10.1 it is: Under Settings > Options > Digitizing > "Rubberband" > "Line Colour" > Choose Colour > Opacity. There u can choose around 50-70% to have desired results

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