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Yes, manual digitization is slow. There's a reason why scanning and raster-to-vector processing has replaced digitizing in major paper map conversion efforts. Twenty-five years ago, half of Esri's employees toiled at 4-hour shifts on digitizer boards or worked at QC tasks reviewing data collection. Now there may be a few large boards left, but they're ...


It is close to 0 percent likely this photo is in DD. 1) Define the spatial reference of the background image in ArcCatalog. 2) Ensure it aligns with some other dataset (say from arcgis online) in ArcMAP. 3) Create a blank polygon in ArcCatalog. 4) Define the projection of 3 in ArcCatalog. 5) Start a blank mxd in ArcMap. 6) Add (1) the image with the ...

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