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Thanks very much for pointing me towards CadInput. This got me on a continued hunt and I ended up using another plugin called CADDigitize [ https://hub.qgis.org/projects/caddigitize ]. I was originally confused because this plugin does not provide visual feedback of the snapping. But if you hold down the control key, it will snap the actual nodes when you ...


I have had similar issues. One approach I have done is to use the CadInput tool. This tool allows you to draw vectors based on distances, angles, etc. which ensures that when you enter in a new vector, they snap to the point you want. It works with the snapping tolerance that is native within QGIS. https://vimeo.com/85052231


I think it is a matter of personal preferences. I work well with the "fat" node icons when using the node tool. It would be nice to have the line direction also, so you don't have to add that by adding a marker line creating a composite style. I think the double click for adding nodes, is because a single click is to snap to a node or a line (snapping to ...


If GISGe's solution works, I'd go for it. Nevertheless, if you still need a solution to remove the holes from polygons, you can just run the union tool and unselect the "gaps allowed" checkbox.


With ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced, you could Convert all depression lines vertices to points (with Feature Vertices to Points) Convert all vertices back to lines (with Points to Line, with the Close Line option checked) Revert the direction of all lines (with Flip Line).

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