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ArcScan -- An ArcMap extension (if you have the extension available). By adjusting the parameters as needed, this will allow you to bypass much manual digitizing.


Typical general workflow for manual digitizing: scan the map(s) georeference the scanned maps create empty vector featureclass(es) start editing, drawing over the scanned maps


The Digitizing Tools plugin has to amend line function Prolong line applies to: line layer (multi or single part) Continue editing existing online features. Just click any end point of an existing line and digitize new vertices as if you would digitize the new feature.


In the next release (8 july 2016) this wil be fixed. Have a look at There you can read: Feature: Extend linestring geometries with reshape tool The reshape tool now allows you to extend linestrings, by starting a reshape at either a line's start or end point. This feature was developed ...

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