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The near tool gives you the results in the linear unit of measurement of the layer's projection. Try choosing a different (appropriate for your dataset) projection that uses feet. Then re-run the near tool.


This may be a bit more work than you want to do, but if you edit the layers with advanced digitizing enabled, you can create a new feature starting at a point and as you move the mouse around to other points and positions the distance is displayed in the advanced digitizing panel. You can then copy down the ...


I would post this as a comment, however there are 2 longish links. There is python code that you could 'steal' from these links creating fishnets general post on sampling frameworks there might be others in there. This obviously will work IF you are using a projected coordinate system, so unless you can find a reference to geodetic hexagons, this will get ...


Based on your other question, you have a Basic license and so don't have access to the Near or Generate Near Table tools. But you can still do it with a Spatial Join. If your XY are just coordinates, you need to make point features out of them first. There are other questions here that cover that. Spatial Join your points to themselves (if they're in the ...

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