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One approach is to convert this to raster and then extract contours Another is to find the buffer for each point;Dissolve those buffers to get a narrow polygon;Find the center line of each dissolved polygon.


You should use the Near GP tool for that (Advanced license only). It will add two fields to your point shapefile: one for distance to the nearest coastline feature and another for the coastline feature ObjectID.


This is a fairly easy problem to solve if you just brute force it and doesn't require any automation. The question is basically a duplicate of Calculating all distances from single points to multiple polygons The key piece of information you need is an attribute in villages that defines which hospital they belong to. Since you've already generated Thiessen ...


First you need a line identifier. A buffer will probably do what you need, with dissolve. Then you can spatially join the buffer polys back to the points and transfer the buffer fid across. Then you need to sequence them in some way. The points all seem to go NE-SW, so perhaps ordering on the Y coord will get you a sequence. Apply this as an index to the ...


When buffering (among other distance related operations) in a geographic coordinate system, your result may appear or be distorted in 2D because geographic is on a sphere/ellipsoid, not flat. Geographic uses angular degrees for measurement, and a degree of longitude can vary significantly in terms of distance depending on latitude (which is relatively ...


This service does what you describe in your original question - Given x/y coordinates of one city, it returns a JSON that lists only cities (not facilities) that are nearby the specified city, within a given radius (e.g. 100km) http://www.geobytes.com/get-nearby-cities-api/ As for an example - this link ...


Try using a Model to solve this Model Builder - Iterators - Iterate Feature Selection - this will allow you to go through each of your Locations one at a time and create individualized Euclidean Distance grids. Make sure you utilize in-line variable substitution so you are not writing over anything

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