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Before you can merge the maps together, each one will need to be georeferenced. Here is a QGIS tutorial for georeferencing. Once that is complete, you want to merge the images into one bigger image. That process is called mosaic. Here is a QGIS tutorial for mosaicking. Alternatively, you can stitch images together in GIMP or Photoshop into one much larger ...


A German user has set up a vizualisation and export service of the boundaries inside the OpenStreetmap project: https://osm.wno-edv-service.de/boundaries/ Clicking on the country's node on the left will open the sublevels. Note that OSM counts the levels a bit different: OSM-level 2 is GADM-level 0 OSM data can be used commercially, as long as you ...


I have not tried it, but the DIVA-GIS manual, section 10.1 describes the Tools->Projection option. If you know the projections of each layer, then you should have no problem converting them. Another option would be to use QGIS to fix the input data, and then use DIVA-GIS for the domain specific operations you need.

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