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The cause of this issue is too high source/target id. Out of memoery error occurred when vertices list is resized to '494902005' in "boost/graph/detail/adjacency_list.hpp" - "add_edge" method. (See the following debug image's comment.) So, it will be necessary to reduce max source/target value to proper one.


I believe you may be running in to a known bug in pgrouting. the driving_distance function basically returns the cost to a node, not the cost to an edge, and the edge_id it returns is not necessarily the one it traversed to get to a node, and not all edges traversed will necessarily be included in the results. note: ...


You have created routing table with too big tolerances. When you have linestring table and you create edge/vertex table for routing algorithm, you need to give tolerance. For example | a-line ------o------- c-line / | -b-line | In example both a and b line should intersect at "o" but something went wrong somewhere. So ...


It is possible, but it's not a very efficient way of routing. Very few people would want to use the exact starting & ending point as you. It is much more useful to know which are the roads, which are the directions, and the turns and crossroads. The problem with services like Google maps in India, is that while traveling, we use a variety of ...

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