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First forget about QGIS when playing with 3D, QGIS is not really there yet. If extracting vertices is enough or the lines are isolines (contours - constant elevation) then it is possible to use approach with free tools as explained here: How to import a 3D DXF file into QGIS with z information as attribute value? The problem is when the lines in DXF have ...


When talking about having only contours in 3D dxf, the proper way is definitely not going through extracting the vertices as XYZ and interpolate surface from points. That way you loose the information about how are the points connected which leads minimally to lose some detail or it can be even critical. If you use Dxf2xyz and you don't want to loose ...


If you want to export shape to CAD, before you export you must to select the entity and then use the export tool.


You need to add reserved CAD fields to those layers and populate them prior to export. You can either do this manually or in your script or by using the Add CAD Fields tool. It's not enough to just add these fields or run this tool, you must actually populate the attributes - if you want the layer name in the target DXF then the "Layer" field needs to have ...

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