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GDAL supports two SQL dialects: the default OGR dialect and an alternative SQLite (Spatialite) dialect. Both dialect support selecting geometries by geometry type. Ogrinfo tool is recommended for experiments because by using it the possible troubles with writing the result out can be avoided. If output from ogrinfo is good then the reading side is OK too. ...


This question was answered here: Export 3D data DXF file See this command: ogr2ogr -f "DXF" {outFile} {inFile} -zfield {ColumnWithZValue}


Reading the DraftSight Documentation, the tool uses a Cartesian coordinate system (CCS) which consiss of three coordinate axes. As you have already posted an answer on a possible method, you can find more information about setting up a coordinate system in the following links from the documentation: Specifying Coordinates and Using Coordinate Systems ...


Maybe a hamfisted way to do it, but I managed it through: Select All > Move. I selected the from point with esnap then entered the destination point from the cmd line, adding a leading 4 & 1 to the coordinates. Now in the right place.

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