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If you don't mind installing gvSIG like I did on my Linux Mint, you will be able to read ECW files and then export them as TIFF. I had no problem reading these new TIFF's in QGIS.


It turns out when using the OSGEO4W installer, the ECW package is not automatically installed with the QGIS desktop software. It can be found separately under the Lib menu. I am new to using the OSGEO4W installer and this was not obvious to me.


You need to download QGIS 2.14.3 from OSGEO4W in order to be able to open ECW file format. The QGIS help stated that clearly. Also, here is a good source on ADDING ECW SUPPORT IN QGIS. The help provides good information on how to open ECW file format using different operating system.

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