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Finally I managed to run ecw plugin inside geoserver version 2.7.2 Downloaded libecw source from http://meuk.technokrat.nl/libecwj2-3.3-2006-09-06.zip Applied this patch https://github.com/makinacorpus/libecw/blob/master/Source/C/NCSUtil/NCSPrefsXML.cpp.rej Ran ./configure, make and sudo make install commands to build. Override generated libs over ...


No, it is currently not possible to install the GDAL ECW driver on current QGIS and Ubuntu versions in an easy way. There is an ECW driver in the ubuntugis-unstable repository that works with GDAL 1.10 on Ubuntu 14.04, but needs a hack to make it running under GDAL 1.11: Unable to install ECW support on lubuntu 14.04 Unfortunately, it does not seem to work ...

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