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For read access the easiest way to get ECW support is through the OSGeo4W installer. Do an Advanced install, and in the libs section enable the gdal-ecw library.


I gather from a few articles that support for ECW (a highly proprietary format) heavily favours Windows installations: http://www.surfaces.co.il/qgis-on-windows-with-ecw/ I'm not sure how to get the ERDAS support files for Linux, but that's what you'll have to do as noted in the blog post referenced above.


You are selecting your image in the tool dialogbox (not just in the layer TOC? I ask because, unlike other Grass tools, it is not quite so obvious. Alternatively you could use gdalinfo. You get to this tool via Raster->Miscellaneous->Information. Select your raster and then click the little yellow pencil to edit the gdalinfo commandline options. It ...


It's highly inefficient to merge mosaic using gdal merge. Instead, make a VRT (Virtual Dataset) and convert it to your favourite format.

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