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The following instructions are based on http:// docs.geoserver.org/2.6.1/user/data/raster/gdal.html Geoserver: 2.6.1 (As Windows Service) Windows OS: 7 x 64bit Java: 7u67 64bit (Won't work with 32 bit) -- Installing GDAL extension Download http://sourceforge.net/projects/geoserver/files/GeoServer/2.6.1/extensions/geoserver-2.6.1-gdal-plugin.zip ...


Since 10.1, you can use the image analysis tools (Windows > image analysis) to create a mask function that will perform the masking on the fly Using the Mask function, you will specify one or more NoData values or a range of valid pixel values. The inputs for this function are the following: Input Raster / NoData Interpretation / NoData ...


A non-ESRI option might be to use GDAL. The nearblack tool will convert nearly black or nearly white pixels to all black or all white. Though, again, this doesn't meet your requirement to not create duplicate files.


If two sets of software (FME and ArcGIS) are throwing up an error (does FME report an error in the log or does fme.exe just crash?) and you've tried two different sets of hardware, then you've got to suspect maybe a corrupt file. Can you try converting the 4th/5th one by itself, to see what happens? I suppose it could be a bug in a component common to ...

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