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If both layers are UTM and do not align, there is a chance that they don't share the same datum. So one can be ED50 UTM 32N, and the other WGS84 UTM 32N. In this case, Rightclick -> Set CRS for Layer is the right tool to change one layer or the other (but not both, because then they will both end up shifted, but not relative to each other).


If you want to read the (proprietary) ECW format, you'll have to use the proprietary libraries. Using GDAL to convert them will only work if you have the proprietary ECW libraries installed and configured in GDAL. There are other applications that read ECW (e.g. Global Mapper), but I believe they all use the proprietary libraries, and most of them are also ...


The problem was the ecw file. In ArcMap 10.3 python gets stuck with the ecw file. I converted the ecw to tif. file

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