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From http://www.gdal.org/frmt_ecw.html For those still using the ECW 3.3 SDK, images less than 500MB may be compressed for free, while larger images require licensing from ERDAS. See the licensing agreement and the LARGE_OK option. So you are out of luck with the 5.1 SDK without a valid license. Depending on your OS, you might still catch a copy of the ...


A straight 'clip' using gdalwarp should work (I know this is a hella-old question: 18 months IRL is like a geological epoch in internet years). I have a 70Gb aerial (ECW, 94000x81000 pixel at 10cm/px), and GDAL can arbitrarily clip it with a shapefile using gdalwarp -cutline [clipfile] -crop_to_cutline [infile] [outfile] at the Windows command-line. (I ...

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