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The following works in 10.2.1 and essentially turns the sketch hollow as suggested by Ian. As soon as you stop being in sketch mode it returns to your selected transparency. In the Editor toolbar go to Editor > Options and untick Use symbolized feature during editing.


Do you have an Advanced License? If so, I think you should be able to use the Near or Generate Near Table tool to find the 2 closest pipes to each valve. Then You could join that table back to the Pipes FC based on the FID to bring the diameter fields over.


The good news is that your data is good. Your file is not displaying correctly in ArcGIS because the spatial index for a shapefile is not updated during editing in QGIS. The comment reply by elrobis has an excellent suggestion to use ogr2ogr to export the file, which should fix the index problem. Simply deleting the spatial index files (.sbn and .sbx) will ...


Try this: Give all point features a unique ID Use Spatial Join to join the point features to the polyline features with these parameters: Target Features: [Polyline Feature Class], Join Features: [Point Feature Class], Join Operation: ONE_TO_MANY. If some line segments that you need to merge do not actually touch a point, use Match Option: CLOSEST Use the ...


Just to follow up-- I have contacted ESRI and it is not possible to edit/update related tables in ArcGIS Online as of this writing, but it is something that is currently being worked on for a future update.


Had an ‘Incorrect edit version type' message popup when attempting unversioned edits on feature classes within a feature dataset. The following solution may help out with those that come across the original issue (use with caution): Register the unversioned feature dataset causing trouble as versioned and then immediately unregister as versioned. When ...

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