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With the Node tool selected, simply double-click on a line segment you want to add a node to


A Geometric Network will do what you want. Geometric Networks do not require the Network Analyst extension Question: Is the Network Analyst extension required to build a geometric network? Answer: No, the Network Analyst extension is not required to build and edit a geometric network. Geometric Networks are available to create/edit with ...


You should be able to convert your feature class to a GRID using the elevation attribute, Feature to Raster in Toolbox. Cell size and projection should be the same as the GRID you want it to go into. Then add the grids together in Raster Calculator.


Create buffer of any radius around your points and run this expression, using field calculator on field Shape, parser - Python: def makeRectangle(shp,H,W): hH=H/2;hW=W/2 pcX=shp.centroid.X pcY=shp.centroid.Y LL=arcpy.Point(pcX-hW,pcY-hH) UL=arcpy.Point(pcX-hW,pcY+hH) UR=arcpy.Point(pcX+hW,pcY+hH) LR=arcpy.Point(pcX+hW,pcY-hH) rectangle=arcpy....


As commented by @MichaelMilesStimson: I've always found in a right pain to edit inside a geometric network. In order to re-model connectivity is necessary to break, move and then reconnect. There are also times when you'd like to move a line over another without breaking it. Usually I would edit without the benefit of a topology or network and ...

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