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As stated in GIS-Jonathan's answer this can be accomplished by setting the file permissions to Read-only. In windows 7 you can accomplish this by navigating to the file in windows explorer, right clicking the file with the .shp extension and clicking 'properties'. There should be two checkboxes near the bottom of the properties window that say 'Read-only' ...


When specific shapes exhibit strange behavior as a result of a geoprocessing tool or editing operation, one of the first things to check is whether they have valid geometries. Geometry errors can result in null results or other errors. QGIS has a Check Geometry Validity tool, and another option would be to load it into GRASS and run v.clean. There are ...


Add the spatial adjustment toolbar. Then open an edit session, create some links from the vertices of 4 of the polygons to the points, select affine transform and run the adjustment.


You can do this in the Field Calculator, using an expression like: calc(!SHAPE!) and Codeblock: def calc(shape): return arcpy.PointGeometry(shape.firstPoint).distanceTo(arcpy.PointGeometry(shape.lastPoint)) Distance > 0 means not closed. Granted, this will not zoom to the offending vertices.

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