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Fixed. The problem was is no primary key. In pgAdmin do this request. ALTER TABLE tableName ADD PRIMARY KEY (id); Example for planet_osm_line table and setting osm_id column ,as primary key : ALTER TABLE planet_osm_line ADD PRIMARY KEY (osm_id); untill osm_id is unique.


You are probably going to want to find either a good programmer or start reading and figuring out JS. The basic way to do this would be to either find the feature being snapped to (might be a property of the event) or run a spatial query from the feature you added to find the nearest feature in the other layer (assume distance = 0). I do this in a .NET ...


To enable many editors to work on a single dataset or group of datasets, you can use geodatabase versioning. Have a read of the related ArcGIS help article for a complete how-to. In a nutshell, you'll be able to have multiple users editing data, and edits which are submitted to the geodatabase can be moderated if need be.

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