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Select the rows that you want to add the text in using the Select by Attribute from the selection drop down, then using a query to get only those rows. Open the attribute table then use the Field Calculator to add the required text in the rows, enable editing before you use the field calculator as any changes made outside of an editing session are ...


You might try creating a very large feature (larger than the entire layer) and then deleting it. That worked for me recently but if you can't create that large feature (because of the same error) try these steps. You may also try to do your editing in a new MXD (surprisingly this has fixed editing issues for me recently). Here was the (somewhat unrelated) ...


Insert a column Add your prefixes (air, car, water) by selecting the respective attributes using "select by attributes" and populate the fields using "field Calculator" Insert another column and concatenate the two fields. Hope this solves your problem.

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