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You could transform the sea level rise raster to a vector format. Than you can use an intersection analysis to select the lines that are affected.


Solution for ArcGis (you will need the 3D analyst extension). 1) Load the .asc file in ArcMap. 2) In the Arctoolbox - > Conversion Tool > From KML to Layer (to transform the KML in a file suitable for ArcGis). The new file automatically loads in ArcMap 3) Right click on your converted road and select "Convert feature to graphics" 4) Select the created ...


@M. See the kml code for one little polygon. There are thousands that make up the surface shown in the other two photos. The easiest way to ensure other syntax is correct is to simply create a new polygon shape in Google earth, save the polygon as a kml somewhere on ur computer and then replace the coordinate content with your coordinates. Hope this ...

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