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Based on the answer to Which character encoding is used by the DBF file in shapefiles? : To change the encoding of a DBF open it with OpenOffice Calc.. choose SaveAs... click the "Filter options" in the bottom left and press save. You can then define the encoding to convert the text contents into. As you may already know, feature attributes of ...


you could also load your postgis-Layer into qgis and save it within qgis itself as a shapefile (right-mouse-click on the layer in the TOC --> save as. Then you can choose the encoding: ( If you choose something else than "system" as encoding you will probably have to choose the encoding while loading the shapefile into qgis in order to get all your special ...


Before you start importing in the Shapefile-loader click on the "options"-button and there replace "UTF8" with the correct encoding.

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