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A similar question was asked before: Is it possible to have another CRS in the status bar than used for the map? and the asker finally wrote this piece of code: But I got stuck with it sometimes on startup. You might be better of with the new QuickMapServices plugin, which can deal with different projections far ...


Would go for GDALwarp as well. Be sure to be consistent with "postings" and "cell" interpretations of rasters.


I would reproject the files with gdalwarp. I've done the same for files in EPSG:3763 that I want to convert to EPSG:3857. I compared the results using QGIS and Geoserver and the generated images were fine. Since a small rotation is applied to the images, you might get some black lines on the border (but these lines can be made transparent afterwards). ...


Finally got an answer on github: Internally, Leaflet transforms EPSG:4326 coordinates to pixel coordinates. These pixel coordinates are the EPSG:3857 coordinates divided by a power of 2 (and then rounded). It might be possible to fetch some of these coordinates (look at methods like L.Map.latLngToLayerPoint) and then multiply stuff given the zoom ...

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