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Thank's a lot @xunilk ! I change the coordinates of the points I want in my layer with a QgsCoordinateTransform instance and now it works ! Here is the way I did (you cans translate the comments if you don't understand what i'm doing...): # On commence par creer une liste des points qgis delimitant la zone de chantier points = [] # On ajoute maintenant ...


You need to use QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem and QgsCoordinateTransform classes. I tried out next code to transform polygon vector layer of next image from EPSG: 32612 to EPSG: 4326. layer = iface.activeLayer() crsSrc = QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem(32612) crsDest = QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem(4326) xform = QgsCoordinateTransform(crsSrc, crsDest) ...


For javascript you can use proj4.js. Its conversion function is called proj4.


Hmm. Yes, most tile provider use 3857 but, 4326 is also native supported by leaflet. Before you asked question did you try retrieved data from mongo to use with leaflet? As far as I know it's shouldn't be a problem. When you add geojson with points in 4326 leaflet will internally reproject them to 3857.


The best thing is to keep things simple. Most of all tile provider use 3857 and the simple way is to publish wms also in 3857. For wms server like geoserver is not big deal, he will give you wms in every projection you want.

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