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Gdalsrsinfo gives a hint: gdalsrsinfo epsg:22300 PROJ.4 : ERROR 6: No translation for Tunisia_Mining_Grid to PROJ.4 format is known. '' OGC WKT : PROJCS["Carthage (Paris) / Tunisia Mining Grid", GEOGCS["Carthage (Paris)", DATUM["Carthage_Paris", SPHEROID["Clarke 1880 (IGN)",6378249.2,293.4660212936269, ...


There are hundreds of pre-defined geographic coordinate system (GCS) EPSG codes, and an infinite number of potential GCS strings. The best projection code is the appropriate one, not any "default" value. Using an incorrect GCS code could shift the location by as much as a kilometer (using a projected CS could put you tens of thousands of kilometers away).


If you don't want create an input file, you can use it like this to avoid the interactive mode echo -e "951430 255756\n951017 255905\n950778 255617" | gdaltransform -s_srs EPSG:26986 -t_srs EPSG:4326 -output_xy

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