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Please note that Proj.4 and proj4js are not identical. If you download the latest version of proj4js, you find the defined projections in the lib/projections folder. Regarding EPSG codes, proj4js only has a few definitions, look into lib/global.js or see http://proj4js.org/ But it is possible to build all other definitions yourself if you take the proj4 ...


You have missed out two parts from your code. To add the GeoJSON layer, you have to call the addTo() method within the L.geoJson object. var geojsonLayer = new L.geoJson().addTo(map); The second part is the most vital. Even though you have defined a custom projection with L.Proj.CRS, your map will be in the Leaflet-native WGS 84 projection (EPSG:4326). ...

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