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I'm not sure if this will help in your case, but this online tool may be worth a try. If you can create a shapefile of the points, this tool will attempt to guess the projection. From Projection Guesser: One of the joys of map making is getting a shapefile without a projection. We eventually decided to stop doing those puzzles manually and wrote ...


I discovered my error. I was expecting to see lat/lng pairs from EPSG:3857, but it's actually EPSG:4326 I should have been converting to.


Looks like a bug to me, since the projection parameters were not correctly stored or read when reopening (I can't tell which is correct). No errors were raised, and Set / Get / Import methods return a 0 (= good) status, so there are no signals of any errors. You can add this bug to here. If you need a User ID, it is from here. It's also good practice to see ...


You can test it with gdalsrsinfo http://www.gdal.org/gdalsrsinfo.html gdalsrsinfo epsg:3068 PROJ.4 : '+proj=cass +lat_0=52.41864827777778 +lon_0=13.62720366666667 +x_0=40000 +y_0=10000 +ellps=bessel +towgs84=598.1,73.7,418.2,0.202,0.045,-2.45 5,6.7 +units=m +no_defs ' OGC WKT : PROJCS["DHDN / Soldner Berlin", GEOGCS["DHDN", ...


Ciao, I though a little about your requests then I checked the geowebcache.xsd spec and I don't think you can do this without some customization within the code. Let's see if someone is more knowledgeable and/or creative than myself on this :) Simone.

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