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Check your folder name which contain your satellite imagery. Is it too long or is it contain spaces, like for example "D:\This is the folder name 123"? This kind of folder could raises problems in ERDAS. I face the same problem, and resolve it just by move my image into the simple folder, such as "D:\Image". Just set this folder as your default data folder ...


Are you using Erdas Imagine 2015? I had the same problem as you when I was trying to run an unsupervised classification. I went to another computer that had Erdas Imagine 2011 installed. I then ran an unsupervised classification with the same exact parameters on the same image. No error message and the classification went smoothly. It wouldn't surprise me ...


Can you confirm that you've applied the same commands as in the OTB tutorials (section 3.7) with the same parameters? This example was done with OTB 4.2. If you're not able to reproduce the same results on the same area with the same parameters there is probably something to investigate. Please report in this case to otb mantis if you can: ...


Number 1: what version are you using ? Number 2: Don't use the AOI as it is diffcult process to do for more than 2 images. Number 3: Scroll down to page 18 as it is giving you how to mosaic many images http://www.gis.usu.edu/~alex/WILD6750/Lab05/Lab05/Lab5_Mosaic_TourGuide.pdf

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