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Assuming a spherical Earth of radius, R = 6,371,000 m, and a latitudinal (N-S) arc length, a = 1m, then the latitudinal arc angle, dφ = a / R = 0.000000157 rad = 0.0000089932 deg, but note what others have said about the fact that a longitudinal (E-W) arc length of 1m will have a longitudinal arc angle that increases as you move away from the equator.


You can use the Signature Editor in ERDAS to use Shapefiles to create signature files. The Signature Editor is found under the supervised classification in the raster ribbon of ERDAS. You must have whatever image you want to classify open in Imagine. Your shapfile must have a text attribute. This field would have the name of each class associated with ...


GDAL does not recognize the file as ERDAS imagine, as promised by the extension .img. But it looks only at the file extension, and does no further investigation on the content of the file. EDIT Comparing with other data from the site, they seem to provide unformatted raw binary. The mask should be 17347 lines by 40031 samples (columns) So I created an ...

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