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In Opticks you could have multi-image views and add a geographic link to all windows:


Never mind. I got it. When there is a detect a problem, it display the icon next to the layer name and you just right click on the layer name and you see a green check that says "Correct the Alert Problem". Thanks.


The sieve model is fairly straight forward and you can implement it in ArcGIS using "RegionGroup", "ExtractByAttributes", "SetNull" and "Nibble". It is good to understand how these methods actually work so, I encourage you to work through this method yourself. You can run the following commands in the Spatial Analyst > Raster Algebra > Raster Calculator ...


I assume you are interested in generalizing your supervised classification. You can achieve a similar result using the ArcGIS Majority Filter (Spatial Analyst) tool. Using Erdas, the Sieve tool is located in the Raster tab > Thematic (Raster GIS group) > Sieve A widely accepted approach is to use GDAL's gdal_sieve.py, describes as follows: The ...


ENVI has never been very good with formats other than the native bil and tif. I have seen the behavior you mention, but it is inconstant and dependent on how the file was saved into an img format. It would be good to know how you are saving the file. I find it very unstable to just give output an img file extension. Your best bet is use the "Save File as ...

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