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what do you mean exactly of 'segmented'?. if you want to classify image in ERDAS, you can go directly to menu Classification. You can choose whether Supervised Classification or Unsupervised Classification. If you have training sample or ground checking area, that would better to guide you to precise result of classification.


You can easily change/calculate the covariance values for any multispectral data. Please go through the procedure as hereunder. open an input image in viewer select the entire image area by create polygon option in AOI tools . after selection, open the signature editor from the classification main menu and click to add a signature view statistics within ...


the original (GAO 1996) NDWI is based reflectance for the wavelength of 0.86 (NIR) and 1.24 µm (SWIR). This corresponds to bands 2 and 5 if you use MODIS. The equation for MODIS is thus (b2-b5)/(b2+b5). There are derived equation with other SWIR bands (e.g. for Landsat OLI the SWIR is around 1.6 µm), as well as NDWI2 (Mc Feeters 1996) which uses green ...

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