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This line here creates a timedelta object: # Calculates the difference between firstLogdt and lastLogdt timeDiff = lastLogdt - firstLogdt A datetime object is different type than a timedelta. The timedelta object doesn't fit with a date field (hence the TypeError). You could instead create a double field instead of a date field, and store the difference ...


Grant the following privileges on the appropriate database/schema to your user, you should then, be able to read the data into Cadcorp SIS 7.1 / 8.0. GRANT select ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA public TO username;


The failure of you Kriging model in Modelbuilder is likely a problem with your input feature class. Zoom out to the full extent of your input points to make sure that you do not have any outliers, such as a point at coordinates of 0,0. Next, make sure that your input feature class and your map are in the same projected coordinate system, and that it is ...

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