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Add an import arcpy statement as the first line of your script. EDIT: Because you can't import arcpy, you have an installation error.


The problem is that with easy_install GDAL, the script try to first install the last version of GDAL (2.0.1) with many errors (answer of Kersten) while what you want are the Python bindings of GDAL 1.11 Therefore, you have to look for and download the Python bindings of GDAL 1.11 and after CFLAGS=`/path of/gdal-config --cflags` LDFLAGS=`/path of ...


If you want to compile GDAL from source you will need to fulfill all its dependencies. Unless you explicitly need to compile it from source I would advise to use a pre-built binary. On OsX the most popular (and probably easiest) way to install GDAL is via the binaries. Alternatively if you use (Ana)Conda you can also install GDAL binaries ...

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