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qgishelp continues to run in the background when quitting QGis and even after uninstall / install process, which prevents some files from being replaced. Therefore run task manager and kill that process before installing.


Grant the following privileges on the appropriate database/schema to your user, you should then, be able to read the data into Cadcorp SIS 7.1 / 8.0. GRANT select ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA public TO username;


Shawty's answer was excellent and helped me identify my issue. Process Explorer was the right scope, and killing some directories from my path was the magic bullet. (I.e. removing Intel iCLS and Intel's OpenCL SDK from my system path). Please see also Michael Cooper's answer and associated comments and other answers on SO: ...


This line here creates a timedelta object: # Calculates the difference between firstLogdt and lastLogdt timeDiff = lastLogdt - firstLogdt A datetime object is different type than a timedelta. The timedelta object doesn't fit with a date field (hence the TypeError). You could instead create a double field instead of a date field, and store the difference ...


Without checking the plugin source code, I would expect that the hub layer has to be a point layer. You could try to extract all river nodes and use those as hubs.

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