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Use the JSON Reader and then use a VertexCreator transformer. This transformer (which was previously called the 2DPointReplacer) will let you convert the X/Y coordinate values into a true spatial feature. Then you can simply write the data to your Geodatabase Writer. Make sure the Allowed Geometries field is set to geodb_point


That should work without problems, double check if the parameters that you are passing to the IPropertySet object are right. Are you writing the "serverinstance" property properly? that's the most common problem. IPropertySet propertySet = new PropertySetClass(); propertySet.SetProperty("dbclient", "SQLServer"); ...


You can also backdoor it with a SQL script. The license string is stored in the SDE_SERVER_CONFIG table (SQL Server) or SERVER_CONFIG (Oracle) take a look in one of your existing licensed geodatabases using your SQL tool for the "AUTH_KEY" property and write an update statement that updates this record in the SERVER_CONFIG table in your other geodatabases. ...

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