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I am not too familiar with arcpy.append but I guess you could iterate through your dataset before using append and just truncate any entry that is too long. You would have to use an UpdateCursor to iterate through your dataset, and then you would check the length of each entry using len(). If the length exceeds 50 characters, then you would chop it. The ...


When using the append tool through the GUI, if you use the "NO_TEST" option for schema type, you can use the Field map control. Expand the field map tree for the text field you're having issues with, and you'll see a node for every input dataset. If you right click on each node, and click format, you'll get options to specify the start and end position of ...


The native plot window of R does not have zoom capability, but here are some options: resize your plot window only plot a section of the map by specifying xlim and ylim arguments to plot() write the map to a very large pdf, e.g. precede the plot command by pdf("file.pdf", width=20, height=20) and send this to a plotter write to the plot to pdf, load in a ...


Another illustrative documentation may be found here

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