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It means that the field is indexed. You can change the character used to indicate whether a field is indexed under the Table Options > Appearance menu:


The asterisk means that the field has an index. A Shapefile does not have any indexed fields by default, you need to add them. A GeoDatabase Featureclass always has a spatial index on the Shape field and attribute index on the ObjectID.


Maybe a few pictures would help. A subtype field can be set to categorize the main types (rock, soil, debris); This would correlate to Field_1. Notice the desc field domain is set to rock. Each subtype can set a domain for the desc field. The soil subtype has the soil subtype for the desc field. You will need to make domains for acceptable values for ...


If you have admin access (that is access to the admin REST endpoint, you can get information about the workspace from the manifest). For example: http://SERVER:6080/arcgis/admin/services/SERVICENAME.MapServer/iteminfo/manifest/manifest.json?f=pjson Yields: "databases": [{ "byReference": false, "onServerWorkspaceFactoryProgID": ...


I've run into a similar problem with models not wanting to run even if everything is perfect. You'll probably need to either set up dummy files or set dummy—but valid—default values for all the inputs that show up in white. Once all the inputs are showing some sort of color you can save the tool, run it, then change the inputs to what they're supposed to ...


Select a subset of your FIDs, like 20,000 at a time, do the geoprocessing, and then merge the results back together. I believe the geoprocessing tools are getting wound in the spatial tiling algorithm.


I know this has been solved already, but I was having the same issue and it turned out that my feature dataset was located in a personal geodatabase that had reached its size limit and that was causing the problem. ...just in case anyone else stumbles upon this and the above isn't the issue...

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