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If you don't have Visio for Diagramer- All of the other answers here breaks any joins. I found this to work well in my case: Export the schema for the whole db using Arccatalog (Export - XML) - I didnt export the data, schema only Use some online Pretty Print service to format the xml Open the XML file in a text editor and Reorder the fields as you like ...


I believe it is GDB_ITEMS. Look for records in this table with a type of 4ED4A58E-621F-4043-95ED-850FBA45FCBC


I'm sure you've moved on since the question was asked but I wanted to pass along a doc on what might be happening here for users who land here. Error: Failed to connect to database. Bad login user. Success when creating a geodatabase using ArcSDE workgroup license. The gist of it is there was a bug at 10.1 (NIM083155) where the SDE Workgroup license ...


Try using arcpy to back up your geodatabases. Example: workspace = r"workspace\file\path" arcpy.env.workspace = workspace print "Set Workspace" backup_location = r"new\folder\path" + "\\" + "workspace.gdb" print "Backing up workspace" arcpy.Copy_management(workspace, backup_location) print "Clearing Workspace cache" arcpy.env.workspace = "" ...

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