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Well - how about just creating the table using the standard Oracle tools. For example sqlplus (the command line) using the proper CREATE TABLE syntax ? You obviously have that since you run Oracle. And as Vince pointed out there are no such things as "geodatabase tables" and "database tables". There are only database tables. A "geodatabase" is just an ESRI ...


Just found this, sorry if it's too late. PPDM Spatially Enabling Project didn't gain traction after Ian Batty @maguffyn and I left the project. Here's the latest update I know of under Standards has PPDM Lite 1.1 and sample data for members, and I haven't looked at it for a while, but ...


Answering my own question here that I posted here a while back... Another option that I found online (in addition to the suggestions above) is to use pgdbf ( which dumps the SQL script that you can then use to ingest into postgres manually.


This relates to @BritishSteel's answer and their code. Using a cursor and that verbose code seems like a bit of overkill for this. If you merely want to truncate a field to 50 characters for all records/features, just use the CalculateField tool (or arcpy.CalculateField_Management in a script). This ends up being a one liner script! Something like... ...


If you have other MXD files open, using the same geodatabase, it will give you this error message. Close your other MXD's that are sharing that geodatabase and then try it.

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