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You can do this by working with the arcpy.Geometry objects. It is very easy to merge polygons once they are selected. As @klewis suggested, you could use an Add-In to select some geometries (draw a box to get an extent object, turn extent object into polygon, then select layer by location intersection of box). Then to merge all the parts into one, just ...


I just solved this problem. What you need to do is the following: In Windows go to: Control Panel -> Programs -> Unistall a program. Then right click on "ArcGIS for Desktop" -> Select "Uninstall/change". The ArcGIS Setup dialog will pop up. Chose the "Repair" option. After finishing the Repair procedures the ArcGIS will be working properly!


I know this is an old question, but it may help someone else. I had an issue when converting the SRID. I was able to resolve this by casting the geometry column to the specific type. ie: SELECT st_transform(g.geom, 998998)::geometry(Point,998998) AS wkb_geometry

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