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To bring another not Python-coding-based solution: You could use the tool 'Tabular Intersection' to get an Output table by states with the number of intersecting polling stations. This table again, can be joined to the states Shapefile to add the attribute column with the number of polling stations.


Also, in the attached ArcCatalog screenshot below are two line feature classes. Their icons are different. Why are different icons signifying? In answer to your second question. The first icon represents a regular SDE feature class. The second icon represents a feature class that hasn't been registered with the geodatabase.


Finally, with a bit of luck, i found the answer myself. There is an interface IFeatureWorkspaceManage which is supported by feature workspaces, and there we can ask for this information. IDataset dataset = ...; IFeatureWorkspaceManage workspaceManage = dataset.Workspace as IFeatureWorkspaceManage; bool isRegistered = false; if (workspaceManage != null) ...

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