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The doc's say that TrackCircle does trigger OnMouseMove. Why not just track that and display the current radius where ever you want.


A possible 'workaround' could be this Basically, the 'trick' is to have a function that handles the infowindows visibility. var infowindow; var infowindowOpened = false; .done(function(vis, layers) { var layer = layers[1]; infowindow = layer.infowindow; infowindowOpened = false; $('#map').click(closeInfowindow); ...


The only way I can think of is the use of Progressor in Arcpy. Using Progressor once the user press the cancel button the loop breaks. Then you can check the result object to see whether it is canceled by the user. Here is a sample code: def execute(self, parameters, messages): import time n=30 p=1 arcpy.SetProgressor("step", ...


This isn't an answer, but an elaboration on the question. I've published an asynchronous gp service using the code shown below. If the user cancels, the result object returned does indicate that. However, the loop runs for the full number of seconds. I would like to break out of the loop if user has canceled. def execute(self, parameters, messages): ...

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