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This was answered on the Esri forums at view.on("click", function(event) { view.hitTest(event.screenPoint).then(function(response) { var graphics = response.results; graphics.forEach(function(graphic) { console.log(graphic); }); }); }); The benefit here over how ...


you van also use the getState() function if (source instanceof ol.source.Vector) { source.on("change", function () { //console.log("Vector change, state: " + source.getState()); switch (source.getState()) { case "loading": $("#ajaxSpinnerImage").show(); break; ...


Get clicked XY coordinates in ol3 map.on('click', function(evt) { var coordinates = evt.coordinate; alert(coordinates); });


You do realize that your tutorial for "featureOver" makes you superimpose a new layer / feature above your track. Therefore, the latter can no longer be clicked on. You could either implement your "featureClick" listener on the added layer / feature as well, so that it opens your sidebar. Or you could rather change the display properties of the ...

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