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triggerEvent wants an event as second argument and that event apparently needs an "xy" property with the coordinates like that: event.xy = {x: 0, y: 0} Fixes the error message but unfortunately still does not trigger the popup for me.


indeed Torque can send events to JS functions. maybe it's not exactly what you need (the number of bubbles accumulated) but you can set a listener on time change. Thus you can access the time and step values. Find attached an example: http://bl.ocks.org/matallo/db7bcda00e6168a061eb For the number of bubbles you can get them with the example query by ...


You don't need a javascript query, you only need to know the number of bubbles per time and then get the change:time signal in torque layer. layer.on('change:time', function(datetime) { // update graph }) For number of bubbles you can get them from SQL API with a simple query or use this small hack I did some time ago ...


I found another question (register event "loadend" on layer) with one answer which lead me to the right event: vectorLayer.on('postcompose', function(event) { if (vectorLayer.getVisible()) { doSomething(); } }); The method doSomething(); is now called when the corresponding vector layer was completely rendered on the Canvas.

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